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The Life Vessel is cutting edge technology using sound and light, frequency and vibration to create a natural state of relaxation and balance. Studies show that time spent in the Life Vessel harmonizes the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) for effective stress reduction, detoxification and pain management.

When the ANS is balanced and harmonized, all other systems in the body are affected in a positive way; the body can heal itself from the fundamental causes of many diseases: stress, inflammation, environmental pollutants, heavy metal toxic load, unresolved trauma and emotional congestion. This technology is a proven, powerful means to balance, relax, and cleanse.

[The Life Vessel is]…extraordinary in being able to help with detoxification and with, as I see, making our cells more intelligent or increasing our body’s inner healing intelligence…It has a profound effect on the body and that’s why we see effects in every aspect of the physiology.
– Christine Horner, MD

The Life Vessel’s positive effect on the body can:

At the Life Vessel Santa Barbara Wellness Center, we are curious about the link that we intuit between purification of the cells in the physical body and our ability to actively and consistently be sources of Light.

Our experience is that the Life Vessel is able to provide transcendent states, much as we find in meditation.

Is it possible that we could use this technology to expedite our enlightenment?

We invite you to join us as we explore the possibilities of life lived through a body that supports our ability to be peaceful and present.

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